Gambling with a VPN FAQs

What does VPN mean? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Whenever you connect to a public Wi-Fi, hackers may hack into your system and steal all your important data like credit card information, passwords, emails etc. At the same time if you are working with sensitive data on your computer it will be safer to make use of VPN while accessing the Internet.

What VPN stands for is Virtual Private Network and they are used by gamblers to access a website that is restricted in their country. A VPN does this by virtually changing your IP address and location. Once you have connected to a VPN, all the web traffic that you generate will be encrypted and sent through this network. So it becomes impossible for anyone to know your actual IP address.

Even though gambling sites are blocked in most countries yet gamblers can access these websites from their home or offices using a VPN service provider.

What are the advantages of using a VPN at a casino online?Some casinos are restricted to players in certain countries due to the regulations in that country. Using a VPN will hide your location and the server will be visible from the new region that you have chosen. Gambling sites are only accessible in specific regions for the players of that country. For instance, if you are a French National and want to play at an American Casino site then you have to use a VPN service provider.

Is it legal to gamble with a VPN?It depends on the country where you live. In many countries it’s completely legal to use a VPN. Check to see if using a VPN is illegal in your country before you use on to gamble online.

Can it be risky to use a VPN at a casino?There are very limited risks from using VPNs, but be aware that spoofing your location could put you in jeopardy on two main fronts: 1) You could be liable to prosecution in the country you are playing in depending on local rules and the legal status of gambling. 2) You could lose your deposit and any winnings if you are fraudulently representing your legal right to gamble.

Will I get paid out if I use a VPN to gamble online?Almost every online casino can choose to withhold your winnings if they learn that you’ve played online from a restricted location. Often, players are required to produce verifying documents before a winning payout is authorised and this could result in your big win being voided by the casino for having broken their rules. If you are non-resident in the country you appear to be playing from, watch out!

What else should I know about VPNs?

If you are trying to hide your real location from a casino or an online betting site, be aware that not all VPN services are created equally. Some free VPN services will give your Internet traffic away and leave you wide open to attacks from anyone who may wish you harm.

The best VPN providers will have strong encryption, a no-logging policy (so your data and online activity is never recorded), and servers in multiple locations around the world.

When selecting your VPN provider, find one that offers all three of those qualities and be sure to read up on their privacy policies  and terms and conditions so you can be certain they’re being honest with you about how you can be identified if necessary. In addition to these things, make sure you look at the underlying technology used by the VPN service provider as this plays an important role in its effectiveness.